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How to Prune a Plum Tree.

How to prune a plum tree.

I have always been a little frightened by the prospect of having to prune fruit trees. What if  I cause long term damage to my beloved Tree.

In this article form the Gardner’s world Website you can follow the step by step guide to pruning with care.

How to prune a plum tree

Do it:

Jun, Jul

Takes just:

20 minutes

Plum trees can be prone to silver leaf disease if pruned in winter, so cut them back in summer to encourage the development of bushy growth, which stops them becoming too large and unmanageable.

You will need

  • Plum tree
  • Secateurs

Use secateurs to cut back this season’s growth of the main shoots or ‘leaders’ to half their length. Prune to just above a leaf.

Prune or pinch side shoots back to two or three buds from the base of the current season’s soft growth.

Leafy summer prunings can be added straight to the compost heap where they’ll rot down quickly.

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