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Top Tips for Tomatoes

Top Tips for Tomatoes

Here are some more great tips on tomatoes from Allotment Garden.

It’s always handy to get advice from the experts and these Tomatoes seem to be wonderfully cared for and expertly coming along.

Have a quick read of the article and don’t forget to visit the page for more interesting tips and observations on Growing veggies.

Tomatoes to the Top

Top Tomatoes

Top Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

Back on my bit of ‘borrowed pasture’, for all land is borrowed despite our pretensions of owning it, the tomatoes are nearly to the top of their strings. Surprised that the Ailsa Craig has won the race, my money was on the Sungold. The stem is nearly 2 meters long!

I’ll start pinching out as they hit the top or by the end of the month in any case as I want ripe tomatoes not trusses of undeveloped green ones. Seems odd to think that we’ve not a lot of time left for them to develop despite summer hardly having started.

We always seem to get a good September here, often it’s the best month but October and beyond are in the lap of the gods. I have had tomatoes go through to mid-November but it’s not wise to bank on that.

The only thing about pinching out tomatoes is that they react by trying to produce a new leader and go mad with side shoots. It’s important to keep on top of them, pinching out the side shoots as soon as you spot them so the plant’s energy all goes into the trusses of fruit.

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