Self Watering Planter
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Necessity is the Mother of Re-invention-Redesigning the Planter Pot

Necessity is The Mother of Re-Invention.

They say that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” so who is the Mother of Re-Invention?

So most inventions come about to fulfill a need or as a solution to a problem, but what is the stimulus when a solution already exists. I guess it’s to strive for constant improvement or to find a better way to do things. The solution to a problem that won’t go away? They say you shouldn’t try to re-invent the wheel but even the wheel or at least the role of the wheel is being challenged by Today’s inventors.  If you think the wheel can never be replaced I challenge you to check out Amazon’s Website. Amazon is currently testing Drones as a delivery option.

 Hoover V’s Dyson

Hoover V's Dyson

Hoover for many years held the main market share of the Vacuum Cleaner market. So much so that the brand “Hoover” became synonymous with vacuuming. To “Hoover” was the act of Vacuuming.  Yes, styles and design changed slightly over the years but the fundamental Vaccum Cleaner design remained. The principal design was a concept of sucking air through a filter to gather all floor dirt into a Bag. Enter Mr. Dyson with his Bagless design to revolutionize the market. So what happened to “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”  Well, if you like me ever had the displeasure to have to clean up the mess when a Hoover Bag burst, or had to remember to add the hoover bags to the shopping list then you will understand why the Bagless design of Mr. Dyson held such charm

 Microsoft Explorer v’s Google

Microsoft vs Google


To “Microsoft Explore” never managed to reach the Oxford English Dictionary as a Verb but to “Google” has. In fact “Google it”  is the oft heard response to a difficult Question.  But long before the search engine Google became so popular Microsoft explorer was the search engine of choice. In fact, most PC’s actually shipped with a copy of the search engine either pre-installed or with a CD version. So how did Google replace Microsoft Explorer which we all used and continue to use as an operating system? The answer is, of course, it made searching the internet easier and better and more convenient. Better results in a shorter time and more accurate.

My Space V’s Facebook

My Space V's Facebook

I understand that there may be people reading this now who actually have never heard of “My Space” and equally many who wished they had never heard of “Facebook”.  But yes before the Social Monster that we all love or loathe Facebook was conceptualized there was a Social network platform known as “My Space. Today there are still some die hards that refuse to close their accounts on My Space proudly boasting that they never sold out to their other 3 contacts. But seriously Facebook captured the imagination of a generation and for better or worse provided a platform for the world to come together as friends. People from different countries, continents, sharing their interests with a community of ” Like” minded people. Now how come My Space didn’t manage that?

Growing Containers V’s Oasesbox

Plants Grow in Pots and Containers, Just add Soil and water from above and sit back and watch them grow, right. What could possibly go wrong or what could be more simple? Well for a start what if we forget to water the Plants. What if we need to work away from home or go on Holiday for any length of time.? What happens to our Plants if they suffer from lack of water.  Conventional Planters and Pots are designed to be filled with Soil and watered from above. This means most of the container is occupied by soil, with the root needing to establish itself and anchor within the pot. Seeking out the water that is provided from above.

Oasesbox has redefined and redesigned the “container”. The Oasesbox team has designed our container to provide a large reservoir of Water. Sitting within this Container is the funnel that allows the root system to anchor the plant and establish itself inside the container to self-water as required. No more needing to water your plants from above which takes a time to reach the roots and very often can either evaporate or wash away vital nutrients. Instead, the Clever reservoir encourages the plant to grow healthy roots which take vital water in as required.  While we are discussing watering requirements have I mentioned that the reservoir can store up to 4 weeks supply of water for your plants depending on their requirements. Oasesbox has been proven to produce healthier more abundant growth on Tomato Plants, Aubergine Plants, Courgettes, Beans, Broccoli, Kale, Chillies,  and even Lemon Trees. Plants that don’t receive enough water can go into shock and suffer in just the same way humans do. In extreme circumstances, they don’t recover and die. Oasesbox is the solution to the watering problem for all your plants.








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