Self Watering Planter
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Oasesbox supports the Grow Your Own Vegetables and Food movement.

Oasesbox supports the Grow Your Own Vegetables and food movement.

“Grow Your Own” its much more than just a soundbite its a way of life. Oasesbox has adopted “Grow Sow Easy” as our company motto. Why because, just like you, we are passionate about growing our own food. We also want to get the message across that growing your own food can be “Grow Sow Easy”. In fact, the reason why Oasesbox came to be created was that Markus who is a keen Gardener wanted to develop a suitable container that didn’t kill his plants! Every other Planter that Markus had used would result in the early demise of his plants. Not because the other planters were evil entities, but because Markus has such a busy schedule, regular watering was often a problem.

Oasesbox wants to encourage you to join the “Grow Your Own”movement.

Join the Grow Your Own Movement and cut down on your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of delicious fresh homegrown food. Taste the difference in flavour of delicious Fruit and Vegetables that are Fresh from the Garden and enjoy the benefits of the rich nutrients and vitamins they contain. The Oasesbox Self Watering Planter is perfectly suited to Grow Tomatoes, Aubergines, Courgettes, Chillies, Beans, Kale, in fact almost any kind of Vegetable will yield greater crops and require less care and attention with the “Grow Sow Easy” Oasesbox. Enjoy Summer Strawberries, Raspberries, Currants, even Lemons! yes, everything grows better with Oasesbox.

Oasesbox Simple to Sow and Simple to Grow.

Setting up your Oasesbox and Sowing your plants takes just a matter of minutes. Once planted the maintenance involved in growing your plants is minimal. Watering takes place from the reservoir and the Plants root system drinks the required amount of water. No messy wasteful watering from above. Just as a cars fuel system makes the petrol or diesel available to the engine as its required to fuel the motor, so too Oasesbox clever reservoir allows the plant’s root system access to the vital nutrients and water from the plant’s fuel tank. Whats more the reservoir can fuel up to 4 weeks of vital water to your plants.

What does this mean for your plants?

Red Oasesbox 1 unit

Excellent Tomato Planter


 Nothing is more harmful to your plant’s health than the shock they suffer from lack of water. Oasebox provides the solution to your plants watering needs. No other planter, grow bag or irrigator is as simple and effective at providing much-needed hydration to the source of your plant’s life the root system. If you are serious about joining the “Grow Your Own” food movement as we are then Oasesbox is the solution to your plants watering needs.

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