Self Watering Planter
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Self Watering Planter 

Introducing the fantastic new Self Watering Planter “Oasesbox” a simple alternative to Grow Bags for your Tomatoes and Vegetables!

“Oasesbox” is a Self-watering Planter like no other. Developed by hobbyist gardener and Designer Markus Schneider, “Oasesbox” is the end product of German design combined with clever British engineering.   Created to maximise your plants growing potential and to replace the need for unsightly Grow Bags.

Markus is a keen “Grow Your Own” enthusiast loves to grow all sorts of home-grown vegetables including Tomato Plants, Courgettes, Aubergines, Chillies, Strawberries etc. But Gardening takes time and plants need constant attention during the growing season.

Often due to Markus having to travel for business, he has returned to find his plants had died or suffered due to lack of water.

We all know that grow Bags if used and maintained properly can produce fantastic results with our Tomato Plants etc, however, they still require plenty of watering and tend to leak regularly.

Markus set out to develop an easy-to-use irrigation system for ” Grow Your Own” enthusiasts just like himself that allowed more time in between watering ensuring all his efforts in growing his plants was not lost because he was too busy to water them.

It had to be simple to use, effective and cost efficient. “Oasesbox” provides this solution. Its Patented proven design provides approximately 14 -21 days slow release supply of water to your plants. Ensuring and promoting healthier growth as your plant always has just the right supply of water when needed. It also provides an attractive container for your Plants!

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Self Watering Planter or Irrigation system?

Markus tried many different self-watering irrigation systems in an effort to find the ideal solution for his watering needs. He found water supplied by micro-drip irrigation systems and automatic-drip watering techniques tended to take a long time to reach the root system. These systems also tend to be affected by hose or filter blockages etc. The “Oasesbox” is a plant irrigator system that gets right to the root system. Ensuring the plant is supplied with vital water and nutrients directly, consistently and most importantly when needed. This direct supply of water ensures healthier vegetables, house plants, flowers, fruit plants/ bushes, ornamental trees etc.

Greenhouse Planter or Balcony Garden

The “Oasesbox” Self Watering Planter is of modular design which can be built into many various and different patterns, connected together to form its own small balcony garden. Ideal for small or large greenhouses alike, polytunnels, patios or balconies the system can be used as a standalone unit or add more as required. It will allow you to grow healthy plants and is a neat and effective alternative to traditional grow bags. ( see the gallery for suggested designs).  “Oasesbox” allows you to bring your garden indoors with its neat and attractive design holding the water safely and without mess. German Design and British Manufacturing combined to make the “Oasesbox” sturdy and practical in form and feature. The “Oasesbox” is manufactured in Manchester, of course.

Green Design

Made from recyclable plastic, the “Oasesbox” Self Watering Planter is currently available in its attractive Green design the elegant looking Terra cotta and now various other colours, including White, Red and Black too! The design is a combination of form and function coming together to provide a practical solution to your watering needs. Order your ” Oasesbox “now in plenty of time to begin your vegetable gardening.

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